Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Las Vegas

Happy CNY everyone.Its like the 3r or 4th day of CNY (cant count -_-) and im already sick, flu. sore throat. all part of CNY :D just got back from sibu. hmmpf. And since my kakak's isnt here yet i have to do my own laundry. yes i know! i am so hopeless! I practically flooded the entire house.

Finally blogging about Las vegas now. Procrasinating ends :) i didnt stay in Vegas for very long. but toodleys.
My daddy xD There are so many casino's and stuff to see. Impersonations too. Like the Eiffle Tower. But it really sucks if your not 21. you cant do anything in las vegas your restricted from everything -_-

I went to paris :DOutside the hotel (stayed in the venetian so big larhhh) The lighting here isnt good :(There's this really nice waterfall by night where you can dine beside it (how romatic) ut you have to be bloody 21! Why? Later drown scared people under 21 cannot swim ka? -_- I couldnt really do alot in las vegas cause (yes i was not 21) means i could not go eat at 80% of the restraunts and 70% of the hotel (cause parts of it were casino's)
But there were places young people like me could go :D
My favourite uncle :D . well kind of uncle Sparkling water is grossIce cream is yummy!
I went to all the outlet shopping places which had huge discounts :D that was one of the places i could go;
Godiva! I love to look at godiva chocolate its like they put so much effort into one little chocolate
My first ever godiva chocolate. my sister bought me one
Ben and me ( camwhore)

And for new years eve my entire family went for this fergie concert thing. first time i have ever seen her in real life. gah! i want to get closer -_-. I have a video but i cant upload it now. not enough time :). i kept getting in trouble cause camera's werent allowed.


Some pictures i kept on taking

Anyways. thats it till sooner or later. need to eat cough medicine now -_-'


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