Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Las Vegas

Happy CNY everyone.Its like the 3r or 4th day of CNY (cant count -_-) and im already sick, flu. sore throat. all part of CNY :D just got back from sibu. hmmpf. And since my kakak's isnt here yet i have to do my own laundry. yes i know! i am so hopeless! I practically flooded the entire house.

Finally blogging about Las vegas now. Procrasinating ends :) i didnt stay in Vegas for very long. but toodleys.
My daddy xD There are so many casino's and stuff to see. Impersonations too. Like the Eiffle Tower. But it really sucks if your not 21. you cant do anything in las vegas your restricted from everything -_-

I went to paris :DOutside the hotel (stayed in the venetian so big larhhh) The lighting here isnt good :(There's this really nice waterfall by night where you can dine beside it (how romatic) ut you have to be bloody 21! Why? Later drown scared people under 21 cannot swim ka? -_- I couldnt really do alot in las vegas cause (yes i was not 21) means i could not go eat at 80% of the restraunts and 70% of the hotel (cause parts of it were casino's)
But there were places young people like me could go :D
My favourite uncle :D . well kind of uncle Sparkling water is grossIce cream is yummy!
I went to all the outlet shopping places which had huge discounts :D that was one of the places i could go;
Godiva! I love to look at godiva chocolate its like they put so much effort into one little chocolate
My first ever godiva chocolate. my sister bought me one
Ben and me ( camwhore)

And for new years eve my entire family went for this fergie concert thing. first time i have ever seen her in real life. gah! i want to get closer -_-. I have a video but i cant upload it now. not enough time :). i kept getting in trouble cause camera's werent allowed.


Some pictures i kept on taking

Anyways. thats it till sooner or later. need to eat cough medicine now -_-'


Sunday, January 25, 2009


and i am being bitten to death by numerous mosquitoes
my super chio FOOL baby has a blog. HAHA.
Will update soon*

Arrived in sibu and my ipod is out of batt.


part of the lyrics

Wang le you duo jiu
Zai mei ting dao ni
Dui wo shuo ni zui ai de gu shi
Wo xiang le hen jiu
Wo kai shi huang le
Shi bu shi wo you zuo cuo le shen me

Ni ku zhao dui wo shuo
Tong hua li du shi pian ren de
Wo bu ke neng shi ni de wang zi
Ye xu ni bu hui dong
Cong ni shuo ai wo yi hou
Wo de tian kong xing xing dou liang le


p/s : im heartbroken to be missing out on all the CNY's visiting

p/p/s: i have a new stuffy elephant called Bubblegum

Friday, January 23, 2009

Flowers and drinks

hello's my internet is slow. hmmpf. uploading pictures so its taking foreverr. haha. Going to sibu ( by car ) later to visit my grand parents. so cny visiting starts on monday :D whees
Read part of the lyrics
watch this
My now favvie song xD

You don't buy me flowers
You don't buy me drinks
You don't drive me anywhere
but totally insane
We used to talk for hours
until the night was through
but recently your ego
is going through the roof
-Hayden Panettiere

Monday, January 19, 2009

LOL. i have this project im doing with syaf and sern. its on science selective breeding. so we chose hammies
Cute. but definetly not cute enough. photoshop it!.
well actually i dont really know so you tell me which one looks better then i'll print it out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I was so bored today before Serena and Manda came over. GAH. so i took out all the crystals and started sticking them all over my stationary. muahahaha.

Front of correction tape. so ugly and plain.Ta dah! after transformation. pretty!!
And including all my worthless stationary.

Aha, now nobody will every be able to steal my stationary. ahha. cause if i can see that its MINE from a mile away. and now they all look so cheap expensive wei. ;)

It matches everything now :D




Tagged by Brenda && Melissa C:

001. Name → Kimberly Lo
002. Nickname → Kimwie :)
003. Status → Complications.
004. Zodiac sign → Scorpio
005. Male or female → you think leh?!
006. Elementary → lodge kindy
007. Middle School → chung hua no.4

008. High School → lodge secondary! :D
009. Smart → dumbass
010. Hair color → so very black
011. Long or short → loooooong :)
012. Loud or Quiet → loud. big mouthed
013. Sweats or Jeans → jeans lah.
014. Phone or Camera → Phoney. phone also got camera bah, :D
015. Health freak → not really. no ;) hehe.
016. Drink or Smoke? → nonono.
017. Do you have a crush on someone? →Compications
018. Eat or Drink → EAT!!! gah! and drink la of course lol.
019. Piercings → ears :P
020. Tattoos → nonononono -_-


023. First piercing → ears. haha.
024. First best friend → Brenda and tracy :)
026. First crush → meeep.
027. First pet → dead fish :(
028. First big vacation → California :)
030. First big birthday → 8 years old :D


049. Eating → eating nothing.
050. Drinking → nothing also.
052. I'm about to → sleep
054. Plans for today → hahalaze around.


058. Want kids? → Yes!
059. Want to get married? →most definetly
060. Careers in mind → lawyer. or a botox suregeon so i can inject my own botox :)


068. Lips or eyes → eyes
070. Shorter or taller? → shorter. so i wont feel so inadequate when i stand next to him
072. Romantic or spontaneous → romantic.
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → anything nice and comfy :p
074. Sensitive or loud → sensitive so cute.
075. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship!!
077. Trouble maker or hesitant → hesitant. dont need act chio ma.


080. Lost glasses/contacts → of course. like 10 pairs
081. Ran away from home → perhaps almost
084. Broken someone's heart → um. i suppose
085. Been arrested → gah! i'm innocent! :D
087. Cried when someone died →no


089. Yourself → sometimes :/ but i will think of me and believe in myself :D
090. Miracles → haha. if it happens, YE i believe in it :)
091. Love at first sight → YES!!!
092. Heaven → of course!
093. Santa Claus → hell no. not the cookies and the milk and the chimney =.="
094. Sex on the first date → nono. only sex after marrige.
095. Kiss on the first date → why not ? :)


097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → myself :(
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life →nopes
099. Do you believe in God → yes i do lah.

100. Tags:
1) Nelson
2) Diana
3) Tracy

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Remember this? haha. brenda and me :) are you ready for one bitchy post?

i am annoyed.
DISCLAIMER: i am not pointing names / listing out any. neither am i tripping over dis respectfulness. i am expressing my point of individual view. perasaan.

CHAO LENG KENG. -______________-
* name changed to he/she (and i know it sounds bisexual) so that i wont get into shit :D

There's this one prefect i dislike, don't know why but the first time i saw he/she i already thought that chao bin. REALLY. i think he/she is the WORST example and i have no idea why on earth he/she is a prefect. If she is the example that we are to follow then,as jasmine says we should all become nuns and join the monastery.

He/she is unfair and evil. Who purposely stalks students so he/she can see if can catch them. chao stalker. Then quickly reports them so that they can be demerited. -_- and about 75 percent of all the lower grade students strongly dislike this notorious prefect ( the other 25% don't know her, or else we'd have 100% agreement okay!)

And you know whats the worst thing about he/she? He/she is FREAKING BIASED. As long as you are he/she's friend he/she will let you go. but if he/ she dislikes you ( he/she dislikes probably the entire student population except for her followers) then you'll definitely be demerited. BIASED BITCH. -_-

p/s: he/she may sound like two people but its actually one. and i don't think i should tell the sex of that person cause there are so few prefects and it'll be obvious.

p/p/s: i think most of you already know who it is. a lot of people say he/she is an amoeba.

p/p/p/s: eh, dont say then name in public here ah. pai seh ar.

p/p/p/p/s: those people who impersonate me on the cbox i will block you automatically ar. you all are EVIL. bahahahaha. -_-

Saturday, January 10, 2009

P/s: wheee. i just managed to relink everyone . FINALLY. so tell me ah if i forgot to link you TT.
Basically after Los Angeles we went to San Fransisco. GAH. My family and i had to drive all the way there. -_- But actually it was quite okay cause there's a scenery and all. and we stopped by a few dannish towns were they sell really yummy pastries.
You get to look at these kinda things outside your window throughout the trip.;DFlower! And there were some stop by's where you can just stand and look over thoes ice dabbed mountains :)
My sis and i :DD
And it was damn cold.gahs. Can you see how extremly poofy my sweater is? i look like a stuffed penguin TTWe stopped by San Carlo for the night . and they had the most kitschest ginger bread men houses on display!

And EAT. :D

Fortune cookies! :DHmm. must be talking aboooouuttt. ALEXXX!!But anyways san fran was kinda boring so not much updated. but las vegas was sooo fun. :DDDD in a nother post i guess or it'll be to squished up -_-
San fransisco from below.
Ta-DAH. oh and i must show you something super cute!

Bird and bread.
. Then suddenly a whole flock of pidgeons come flying in xD