Monday, December 1, 2008

Retarded people == haha. Christian. Rambert. Eugene

Went to the avant garde music passion concert on saturday. YES. it was so so so niceee. haha. i especially favoured the vocals" anything you can do i can do better" and Eugenes rock guitar. :D

D' five. and as morgan said. it is better than the spice boys. :DD

Eugene. ahha. number 1.his shirt glows in the dark?

Click here to view the video. so awesome :D of eugene playing violin

Number2. moving at the speed of light. see. cant really see the bow. so cool. xD
Haha.a random picture of the celiling. the lights were flashing and they were so pretty!
Flutes and saxaphones. flutes are so sweet. meledious?
Clarinet people. so cool la. wish i knew how to play te clarinet. ahah. i see.. Melissa.Jordan. Abigail. zacq . andddd. BRYAN YEO. see? i style his hair. so pro. bahahah. jk (

Little children! arent they cute singing a christmas song (:

Look. my little sisters. so much make up =_=
The empty stage before. i came 2 hours early ==

and the empty seats! but dont worry. they were all filled out half an hour later. so crowded ah.
anyways. it was so fun it was as if the whole night past so fast. (: sad that i couldnt perform cause i'm having my piano exams soon. omg. stress like hell la. well there's alwas the next two years :D

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