Thursday, December 11, 2008

On friday the 9th i attended ashley lee's birthday party. There were loads of cute ballons shaped in stars. it was so so fun :D (all of ashley's celebrations are ALWAYS fun! Emmeline and i arrived half an hour late though cause there was a traffic jam TT
I didnt really take a lot of good picures cause we were to busy eating xD and laughing when bren sucked in helium and her voice became an octave higher XD
As you can see from the picture.Loads of metalic streamers hanging from the celiling :)
Okay. here are just going to be some random pictures of me and other People
The entire place. there were about 100++ people who attended :D
nicole and me. so dark taken on the dance floor. xD
We saw this! bren and i did this :D
Brenda and I. Ballons!
Brenda was sad :(Now she's happy! :D
Jasmine .Me
Emmeline and me. awwww. we love each other so much. gahs
Vanessa and me, dark dark people
Ashely's super yummy cake. chocolate i guessEach person had an apple for them. there kept gong this rumor that there was a saftey pin nside he cute ribboned green apple. until brenda bit in to. Chomp.
Candid shot. Haha
Jasmine thinking. Hmmpf. Val is so freaking lucky. Damn it
A shot of Ashley and Zacq singing Fall for you. aww. ashley was so sweet to Belle
Me and jas. the flash makes us look so white TT
Valerie and jasmine.
1st time: no flash .garhs
2nd time: it needs to be vertical la!
third time: yay! finally! perfection :)
SO. today *12th dec 2008* isofficially ashley's real birthday. so. happy birthday ashley!!
And when i came back from kl my chocolate was all squished TT

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