Thursday, December 4, 2008
Kakiis - A moment with your kakiis
Photo contest.
1Sign up and be a Kakiis member.
2Dig up an old picture or take a picture of ‘A Moment With Your Kakiis’.
3Share the moment in a NEW blog post, mention kakiis and add a link to
4Email the URL to
5Be in the running to win 3 X Sony Skinny T Digital Camera and stand a chance to get invited to ‘Kakiis Nite Out’.

I went to kakiis and saw this. :D so apparently you have to dig up a few old photos. Let me begin (:

A picture here of Tracy, me and Brenda. my best friends :D [march2008] the friends that have been sticking by me throughout my high school years (which apparently so far have been 2!)
A picture of us. unexplainable (:Vain Vain people (: Now we will go to last year. My group of friends :)
We look so Happy (: [Tracy.Me.Brenda.cindy and Cynthia]
Another picture. [2007] we were at the cinema's. it was actually the first time i have ever went out with a close group of friends.tsk tsk. unpopular me (:

Here. My musically talented Clarinet people :D And my best guy friend and fantastic shopping companion
And my new best friend. My SUPER CUTE SHOES. OMGG
That is the end of my Kakiis post. hoped you all enjoed it :D

They're so cute i could eat them :)

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