Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy new year

A happy new year to everyone. ;D

( and my blog is pictureless cause i forgot to bring my photo transferer. how stupid of me. but i'll uplad all 278 pictures when i get back :) )
well, actually i seems to already be 2009 in malaysia but over here its new years eve. lol. tonight i have a choice of 3 musicals. and honestly i cannot make up my mind for the new year's eve concerts.
Phantom of the oprah ;D
Blue man group
or the fergie concert.

I really really love Phantom of the Oprah and i really really want to see it to bits! haha,
hmmmpf. At first i was thinking maybe i should follow my aunt to the fergie concert until i heard there was phantom of the oprah. Gah, shitting dilemma. =_=. I'll be back on the 4th of january , after that it'll be back to school right away from las vegas.

Btw, Las vegas is the most wonderful exhilarating place in the entire word. And in las vegas since it is all the clearance sales.There is this humongous outlet shopping place in las vegas with everything on 80-30% sales. it is NOT A MALL.

I am going to display a written novel about how fantastic Las Vegas is and it is the most wonderful place in the world and it will probably be very boring for you unapreciate shopping humans. so you might as well close the page.
It is so fantastic. since when can you get a pair of BCBG maxmara heels for $39.90 when its actually like, $155.60 (multiply the USD by 3.6 to turn it into RM plus tax 7.5%)

I am so happy. BUT i nearly broke my ankles last night by walking around in them. BUT it was worth it. cause they're so cute and golden and strappy and scrunchy and high (and are on such a big discount so a person who has no money like me can afford to buy shoes like that) i'll break my ankels for them. but i al still very HAPPY. HAH. i walked around a little more. actually i was looking for a watch cause my trustly old swatch watch was stolen 5 months ago in school, so my mom and i went watch hunting. I was actually hoping there'd be like a bunch of watches in Juciy Couture but they were all sold out.

== wtf, since when do watches get sold out? they're usually just there forever and when you come back n 10 months they're STILL THERE. just waiting there, staring at you, unloved by anyone. but the point is they were sold out. or either that i couldn't find it cause the entire sore was in a big big mess. there were like clothes on the floor and maybe about 50 people crammed into one tiny little store. But it was alright cause i found a bunch more cheap cheap stuff there on a 70% discount. i picked them up from the floor? :D ( just wash a bit then okay mah dont even have stain). my mom told me i was bankrupting her so we went home after that TT. BUT there is always today tomorrow and half the day after tomorrow to go shopping so tons more shopping time

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