Saturday, December 13, 2008


One very very random post. Okays. Random pictures :D
Sweet sweet Cherry topped, Muffin dear haha. im so bored TT.

Haha. Cute Little Rhinestones arent they? (: Prepare for utter cuteness! :DD

Ta-DAH. a mini clock some one gave to me from kl yesterday. hmmm :) and i covered it in rhinestones. now i know your thinking, OMG does she really have NOTHING better to do? Actually, Yes :)

Here's one with better lighting :D See? when it rings it produces sparkles. Haha

And another very adorable little Knick Knack. xD A squishy Donut! :D:D:D I think its supposed to be sed for anger when you get pissed of you squeeze it. LOLS. And it smells like a baked cookie.And it looks like a toasted bun underneath :DThis is how small and sweet it is. haha. ( the mini pink alarm clock is even smaller and it is not a toy ) POOFS. make a wish :D
Okay, now these are random random pictures took in kl

A poster of nike at klcc. Aiee la

Mange Gummies from the fridge :D
Haha. i dont even know how i got this picture but i think it was when my mommie and i were waiting for a taxi outside my home apartment in kl. GAH. wait so long.
X'Mas Tree. Look at the fat adorable :D
I love this quote so much :D
When I don't message you.
Doesn't mean.
I forgot about you.
I was just giving you time.
To miss me.

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