Monday, December 15, 2008

Going out :D

2 more days to go before i leave.ishs. i dot want to us cause firstly it's cold and long and i'll be far far away from my candy sweetie! I've ben packing like crazy. But mostly eating. I went eating with Vanessa (day 1) and Bren , Amy ong, Melissa, Larry, and many mores (day 2) :D
Day 1. Vanessa. Went to eat at Silhoutte last night with Van. So assin yummy. But then she so pork she dont even want to eat anything leave me with all the food. TT
The retarded pple xDVanessa was like. Aieeee. we have to go meet santa claus!
Then when we go there he was already gone
Vanessa : omg he left?! how could he leave? I WANNA MEET SANTA CLAUS!

Christmas Tree. tadah. Vanessa and I. take 1. Gold and silver

Take two :D vain
My retarded girl xD

And THEN just came back from going out to eat lunch and go cinema. omg brenda ong ! bahahha. half way watching movie brenda was sleeping then suddenly she fell on to the floor it was like BAM! We came 45 minutes early so we kept playing with the camera (look at the last picture. can see amy and larry xD)
Melissa. Retarded cute little girl xDBrenda me and Mel. Can see reflection somemore on the glass table.
Haha. i LOVEEEE brenda :)
Anyways. boring day. hmmm. i miss people. The rest of the pictures were taken at our lunchie lace The heritage cause we waited for the car for so assin long TT . yummy yummy duck

I love brenda. The end

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