Monday, November 3, 2008

This post will mainly be explained by pictures of what the day was so there will be no story line whatsoever. ENJOYS

Today. SUNDAY. :D (Random picta) btw. it was also josh sim's BDAY! :DHappy birthday to me. the rose among the thorn. im the rose! 2nd november. like that date? its my birthday. So that night on the second of november. I invited some people and we went hilton to eat and eat and EAT. :D
Drennie.Me.Zhi lili.Jas
my retarded 8B fammie The place (actually i wanted pinkish ribbons, but nah, nvm)
Presenting Us My favourite picture of them all
Snap shots

Tiny ashley. playing with my cammie

And the food. :D which i brought home the left overs damn yummy ah.Danielle and me :)Retards :D
How to be retarded. :D
Insane people. Florence.Serra.Mica.MeMy best friend:) + my favourite new picta of me and TRACY TEO SIANG YEE!
Now i shall show you something retarded i did with jas.
Tadah! how to be retarded :DMy first birthday present from friends. Jasmine. :D SO FCUTE
Zacq. Swallowing a whole plate of gummies.later die of sweet attack. ==
My cakey wakey!Group picture where we cut the cake. Sadly its so blur. grr
Then gabriel said
"Kim kim come here. OKAY. TOAST FOR KIM. :D To her 14th brithday.
and that we almost won the rugby game (==")
yaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg
*5 minutes later*
DONE. :D *clinks*"*******
Modeling for retardation.
Ashley & me Obscene weird smiling people
This shall now be my favpicta of me drennie and zhi liAshley act cute
Random pictures

Jacques. :DJasmine.Me.Tracy
My bestiesss
I just wanna say that
everything would have been complete if you were there.
Missed you
I will fish blogging about everything once tomorrows debate is over :)

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