Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shopping! :DD
Yay! New slippers. Now i can throw out the other old & rotten pair. ew. (: my feet shall no longer be in the wrath of dangers of infection diseases from my old pair of slippers. This new pair of slippers have not been used yet so is still free from old ugly slipper syndrome! :D Ooh. and i also got to get a few shirts from esprit for when i go on holiday next month.

that day when i went to spring with bren jas and tracy,me and jasmine went to axxezz. (or how ever you spell this unpronouncable english word ==) and we saw this. so cute! of course buy la. bahahha. but then when i went home i realized it was the kind off clip on earings. the cheap icky types for people who unfortunately dont have pierced ears. what a waste of money. i caouldnt wear them cause i cannot tahan the clip on ones. its so untahanable. =______= Luckily enough for me. i had the recipet so i went there today and exchanged it. i ahd to look through my dust bin .____. and its even nicer than the before pair. :D so always ALWAYS keep you reciept! (: And. PHOTO ALBUM. i never had a proper photo album. i got it from memory lane. and omg, its already full and i still have pictures. so i wanna go get another one. :D

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