Wednesday, November 19, 2008 :) Was so bored yesterday so i called Brenda. Tracy
Me: Bren lets go spring
Bren: WHAT
Me: go go lah
Bren: huh? i no transport!
Me: i pick u up lah
Bren: owh. Okays

In my room. :)
Crazy one us. Go there eat nyaa
Bren xD Yummy brownies

See? the melted glossy chocolate. And slowly crumbling soft moist pieces of cake! See? coats and coats of thick melted chocolated glossed on to layers of the cake. look so shiny and yummy somemore
Us. Bren Me tracy. Secret recipe. Yummy
Outside spring. Were so retraded. :D people kept staring at us
Random picta. Bren so cute (:
They both looks sSo adorable
back home. Playing with brens hair (:
Miss brenda ong playing with my cammie. haha, she looks like hamtaro

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