Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I had a debate today combined with year 8,9,10 infront of the entire school O.o
My grop was the opposing team (Me, Stefanie Mutheardy And Claresta Lim)
Proposing (marcel,Doddy,Jia Jun)

Our aim, was too lose, amazingly enough we won.
Haha. AND MARCEL. he made me do a dumb mistake.

Me: *half way talking*
Marcel:*i AM siting down
Me: *Thinks .. shit, hat was stupid*

And very lame but i just cant ge it out of my head
Here's what it kinda looks like

CAUTION. This is not really what we said. our english is not that horrible
As you can see. im the cute pink pig. The opp bench is the monkey and marcel is the blue bear.
p/s: the pig is saying " i as the third speaker wold like to rebutt on my most worthy oponent. MARCEL ==, " so formal hor? so no like no likeOMG. im so fcuteeee!
Pig says:" The younger generation does not know better"Kepo. jk jk. lol ==

Anyways, that was lame, i just wanna say, congratulations for everyone, even though claresta me and stef did last minute revision and stef/clare/doddy/marcel/JJ for being awesome (mean) debators
p/s :Im bored


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