Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bren Tracy Jasmine and me went to spring that day. ahhaa. bored people. now, shall tell you all a very very lame thing that happened to tracy's money. so cute! bahahaha.
before we went to spring w were looking fro tracy's lost money!
Tracy: omg. i lost rm50.omgomgomg. my mom's going to kill me!
Me: maybe u left it in brens car?
Bren: *calls her daddy* my dad say dn have leh.
Tracy: OMG lah.

* us. waitng out side my house at the side walk while it was raining outside*
after 20 minutes of frantically searching fro tracys doomed to be lost money.
Tracy: im so dead. shit. i see paper. *glances through the side walk in the pouring rain
This is what tracy saw. omg.
Me: HS. i think thats your money .____.
Tracy: OMG. get it before someone steals it!!
It was like, all wet. but soon dried up by bren's hotness (:
Tracy: omg. is it like totally useless now? its WET.
After that we finally go spring. Lamanya. .___.

bahahaha. retarded picture much? Everyone was staring at us =_=
Brenda: im hungry. we must go eat.
Me: okie.
*5 minutes later*
Tracy: *smacks brenda* so FREAKING hungry we must go eat
Bren: OUCH. what for you hit me? why not hit KIM?
Tracy: cause you very nice to hit.
Bren: bahahaha. I am on my EATING FULL program. so i can gain more weight.
Siao siao bren, so fcute. us people trying to lose weight she has to gain weight. lucky brenda ._.
This was our food before. as you can see mine is the top right. the SMALLEST. ahah. and the CHEAPEST. compared to everyone elseAfter. kanasai. so messy lah. we all use our knife and fork and no hands.were to civilized (:
Went back to my house and after much moping around decided to dye jasmine's hair. ahha. did a strand of tracy's too as jasmine's chinese birthday prezzie. (:
Sadly, we did not follow the instructions and when it said 45 mins we only did 20 mins. impatient. (: aha.
Siao jasmineProfesional hairstylists. bahahaha. Me && Bren.

And it was also my daddies birthday. 20th november. bahahhaha. cake so yummy (:
im the photographer. im nto in this picta. :(

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