Wednesday, November 12, 2008

[Baggies+red hair]
My mom came back from hk buisness trip and brought home baggies
Pink panda CC bag

Different shaped two pink panda CC bags

Metalic blue panda CC bag

3 black ' pinked panda of 3 different shapped CC bags

My favourite. Cuppie cake, sugar sweet, sprinkle berry! (its s pouch)
Black shiny CC bag. .________.
Another pouch. Puppy embeded sequined

Faded Pink CC bag

Jean CC bag. SHINY!

Brown CC bag. Blehs.

Beige CC bag

Cute button CC bag!

MINE! :D with the panda!
Anyways, thoes are all she bought. Now we can open our very own CC stall! :D
I thought these two were the nicest. in the end i couldnt really decided.
Oh. and i did something stupid with my hair :D

Faints. The redness. dont worry, it'll come off soon. maybe i should dye it that way :D

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