Thursday, October 23, 2008

Went to National That day. Yay. Bat nam has finally returned my cammie :) haha. And i saw brennie! From far i was like BRENDA ONG and she turn around. and i can carry her :DD hahaAnd before that i waited one entire hour and a half. So, i played with my Chaih Syin! :) lols

But mainly, My reason of coming to national was cause of this girl! Vannieeeee. Happy birthday. Which was on the 19th, but we suprised her :) haha.
I actually recorded the whole the whole thing. Including Chong burning his hand XD
Happy people and sad people. emo ppleAnd now i shall show you a retarded photo. well mostly me. Look. Glint glint. hahaha. jasmine and me. €

Bleh. Then i got bored and edited a little. xD my name sparkles :)
Another one. Vain ass. Leaving for Kl tomorrow. And back on staurday. Sunday HSM. 2nd november is my birthday. Whee. :DDDDD

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