Saturday, October 25, 2008

TAGGED by Carmen

Rules & Regulations:
-do not copy answers
-the tag questions must be 100% the same
-tag people after doing tag
(so i tag)

1) Jasmine
2) Brenda
3) Tracy
4) Zacq
5) Ashley
6) Samantha
7) Joy
8) Angeline
9) Diana

How do you know 1? (Jasmine)
ans: Friendster. My now best friend :)

What would you do if you had never met 2?(Brenda)
ans: Then i would have never found my best friend and my other half cause she's my bestie AND my twinnie.No one can take her away from me! *bites*

What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you?(Tracy And Zacq )
ans: They shall bring me out to dinner and i shall sleep with my bestie best TRACY TEO SIANG YEE.omg

Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?(Ashley and Samantha)
ans: Yeah. Kinda :D bothe very funny people so they can keep each other entertained. ahha. its just a pity Ash is taken :(

Do you think 7 is attractive?(Joy)
ans: SO ver ver PRETTAYY in fact im so jealous of her hair. so swirly and prettay. like lttle boo peep

Do you know anything about 8's family?(Angeline)
ans: Yeah. she has one brohter and one sister and her mom is pretty and so is she :)

Tell me something about 9?(Diana)
ans: My banana~! and my Bestie! My lovable Diana who plays with me in school. even though she's older. Lao ah mah Nana. xD just kidding. Pretty pretty.

What is 1's favorite pastime?(Jasmine)
ans: Meeting ME

What language does 2 speak? (Brenda)
ans: She speaks Breandalish and Kimiish. Its a language only me and her understand. Twin twin marh.

Who is 3 going out with? (Tracy)
ans: ME! her mei mei ME no larhh. Mervinnnnnn? :DD

How old is 4? (Zacq)
ans: 18!

When was the last time you talked to 5?(Ashley)
ans: erm. last sunday?

Who is 6's favourite singer ?(Samantha)
ans: Herself. She's an awesome singer with ang mo voice. ahha. actually i dunno but i will ask her on monday xD

Would you date 7? (Joy)
ans: of coursee!! even though i dont really know her. Date as in go shopping and do hair la :))

Is 8 single? (Angeline)
ans: No. :) happily married.

What is 9's last name?(Diana)

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?(Jasmine)
ans: Of course. were attached to each other :)

Which school does 2 go to?(Brenda)
ans: Lodge National. we were seperated :(

What do you like about 3?(Tracy)
ans: What can i say about her? she has been there for throughout my secondary life of a student and still has been even though we have gone to different schools, we started off rough when we first met each other but fate has made it clear that we were meant to be. in other words i love her for everything, her hair, the way she comforts me,the way she asks me to shut up too! and she's so pretty! well of course la.

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