Monday, October 27, 2008

TADAH. all my nominees will recieve this. My fantastic blog award logo! edited by me (sorry its so ugly ah. only had 10 minutes to do. Xoxo. Post on your blog :)

I've been tagged by Nana

Got nominated by Nana* for having the coolest name blog she's ever known ! Thanks , dear [:

Now , I would like to nominate these 10 bloggers :

♥ Tracy
~ For having the bubbliest blog. cutest. sweetest. nicest

♥ Brenda
~ For having the most dignified blog. not to mention. Lovelyy
. most awesomee

♥Xia xue
~ For being my blog idol. And having the coolest blog. ever

~ For having the sweetest blog baby!
coolest :DDD

~ For her FashionNESS blog

♥ Cindy
~ For having lovely hair and blog
♥ Samantha
~ For having the pinkiest hypered blog

♥ Sebastian
~ For having the most "pro" blog!
♥ Carmen
~ For having the most cutest blog :D

♥ Zacq
~ Having the most judgemental BLOG

The Rules are :

♥ You have to put the logo on your blog !
♥ Add a link to the person that has given you the award !
♥ Nominate 10 other blogs !
♥ And links to nominees on your blog !
♥ Leave a message for the nominees on your blog !

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