Sunday, October 26, 2008

Smile smile smile.Its just something i:: cant seem to do baby :: This is going to be some meaningless crap post cause im so bored :(

Am i ah lien? If i am is that such a bad thing? whats wrong about ah liens anyway. well. honestly, i dont really know what it means. i mean. I DO but its in my definition. MY DEFINITION is ah liens have pretty hair. so if im ah lien then thank you. :D but amy's def is that people that have no quality. Hey. I have quality! :( haha
A lot of people say i'm obsessed over pictures.editing and camwhoring and my "ah lieness" excuse me. COUGH. (Kexeki you fkn spammers who ruin my cbox and bitch about my friends.) Choke and my bitchyness. well im stunned by their lameness. spamming my cbox nya. when i have the time then i will post about it but now now. i wanna eat ice cream after this :DDD Ben && Jerry.
A picture i edited. I look scary. yes. i know xDEven eye shadow can be used by my loved gradient tool :) let me ask you. How can i not love editing you stupid retard so just shut up. so i dont need to waste money on make up (anyways im still young :D) when i can do it on my com.
Now let me show you pictures that have not been edited (only the pixelated fonts at the aligned right side)
Okay, this has only been lightened

See? you can get bright pictures by taking a picture infront of the sunlight. :D Prepare for Black && white Yes, okay i am bored, But Today is so retarded. Okay, I know many of you dislike high school musical. but i like it! i especially like Ashley Tisdale. HAHAHA. well, today i was going to watch to with Jasmine and her Brother's friends and Lemoonie. But then, i had a fight with my mom so i didnt go. I was so disappointed. secretly, i've been waiting for it for gahh. life is such a bitch. ==So i camwhored. is that such a crime? xD i am a cam whore. and a very camawhorie! and now i ahve posted all my camwhorie pictas online cause im so bored and shall release my anger into the computor. okay, thats just stupid now xD

i think i'll go watch tv now :)


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