Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jasmine bloggerd about me. AND ITS SO SWEET. go read her blog. Click here
And since she has blogged about me is shall blog about her too :)

This is my best friend Jasmine Yeo. I even editeda picture of her, and aww. she looks so preetyyy! (personally,i like her with really curly hair, but she wants to straighten it so i think thats okay too cause i never reallly saw her with straight hair)

Okay. Jasmine is pretty and buliable, But i dont allow other people to bully her, if they bully her i will bite them. Cause only i can bully her! hahahahaha. Oh, and also she has a very loud voice which can be heard from a mile away.

This picture also reminds me of the house bunny cause she's so cute like a bunny and hamster :DD haha. I love love love going out with her and you know what? she's the best person i know that can make me feel better :D lalalalala~ and we shall stay best friends till the end of time

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