Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i know i love pictures and stuff but this time im lazy and because my internet is like.. dickshit slow..
i woke up today and i said to myself when i looked into the mirror.
this is going to be a shit day. AND. I WAS ASSIN CORRECT!

(p/s this picture was a candid shot taken by my sis and my hair looks retarded because its still wet :)
Today is assin retarded and sucky and hatable dickshit.
My baby Baby PHONE is spoiled and i feel like dying. I miss it so much. IT CANNOT ON!! gah. i feel so incomplete without it. and aelred told me the lamest thing . hahaha. lame la kor.
I said *something like this*

Kim: Omg, im so scared later my mother scold me larh!
Aelred: its only reformat! nvm one!
Kim: but i never do before larh!
Aelred: Its OKAYH ONEH. Not like your phone.. IMMORTAL.

BUT GUESS WHAT. i just sent it to the repair store and its the most retarded thing ever. i plugged the charger into the wrong hole and it was the wrong charger anyway. STOP LAUGHING. ==
Okay, you see here is my baby. :) and that at the side is the CORRECT charger. the shiny metal pretty one in the shape of a hexagon (kinda, hehe)
And another thingamajiggy. Brenda ong hui tee. Im so sad when i saw the msg. :( like very very! is this revenge cause i dint go to YOURS? haha. no. of course not cause bren isnt that type of hard core person like some people who can never get over anything.. (basically me and another bitch i know)
And another thing. I broke my sunnies. my brown?purple armani sunnies :'( omg, this day just keeps getting worse and worse wtf.

And. i got a B for IT. isnt that just about the ugliest letter you have ever seen? B makes me think of.. bitch.. and.. blue.. i dislike blue. its okay, but i dislike blue cause its all over my uniform.

And a few hours ago. i just watched high school musical3 its such a disappointment im so irritated at it. wth. the ending is so abrupt and its just doesnt have any "satisfactionship" but, the first part quite okay okayish larh,interesting. haha.
OH. omg. i just rembered a conv sam and i had on msn that day.
I cant really remeber but it went somethign like this
Sam: kimi! what do you want for your birthday??
Kim: deng deng *sings typeish ways*
Kim: you BOOBS
Sam: OMG. NOT THAT! how am i going to give it to you? * asking as if she really wants too :D*
Kim: i dunno.. err..chop chop?
Sam: next time i will invent that kinda present.. only it wouldnt be a present.it'll be like. a boobsuction..so it'll be a.. breasent!

THAT IS DAMN FUNNY LA . breasent. present!

and i have a new favourite line!
Its nothing.. which could possibly be something which could be anything which could mean everything
So..BASICALLY. when i say nothing it means everything!

My stomach hurts. badly. much. :(
Womanizer womanizer. LOLIPOP! Go listen :D
Britney spears- Womanizer. damn nice larh :)

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