Friday, October 10, 2008

Exams are over over over. so no more studying for the end of the year. i have been studying so hard actually not as hard as my 2nd term. got lazy a bit larh. :)
study study study before. wanna see my notes? ta-dah! my dt colorful notes!

See? i studied so hard for such an unimportant sub ==

And this shall officially be my new fav picta of me and my jasmine! :DDD hahaha. LOLS. i know its not really edited but its US so anything that has US in it is shall love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

wheee. a picta of the drawings i did with my teacher. simply do one larhhh. hahaha, she did the body.
See?see?and i was like. EEEE. the BODY is so CUTEEEEEE

My dt notes :)

Infact,i just came back from spring with Jas. LOL. and i saw my diana ! who was supposed to meet me at national buti couldnt find her == And then i recieved a big fat voodoo doll from josh when i told him.NO, DONT BUY IT FOR ME. BUT SOMEONE NEVER LISTENS. ==

And then we also had a suprise birthday for Vannie. Infact its all recorded in my cammie. (camera) but it was taken away by lee bat nam. == And not returned YET, even though Jasmine AND vanessa have both msged hime to walk YES JUST WALK to my house and return it. gahh. so. that shall all be in another post!

This is a picture of the most memorable thing in my life, the 56th most memorable thing. A rainbow bar i went to in penang! SEE? you even get to pose with the banana's. I even helped my sister cut the sandwich into pieces and stabbed it with my fork and fed her, :)Blahh, The cute little banana's. you could just eat them:)
Then i got kind of bored in penang and played with the tv.
Oh! And i know this is kind of random. But EDDY, i love the korean pens and i even took a picta of them :) (luckily cause i lost the cover)

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