Monday, October 27, 2008

even the day of my credit expirery is on my birthday. 2nd Nov :)

My birthday is coming soon. yay. i invited quite a lot of people but if i missed you out then really sorry let me know cause my mind has been on a lot of things lately. okay. but before i start. i just want to say this.

BRENDA ONG my best buddie. my twinnie. i hope you'll be okay , k? Cause no matter what i shall stand by you and comfort you! Forever. thats what twinnies are for silly :) She might not be able to make it to my birthday because of somethign which i shouldnt say here but nvm.

Brenda.Tracy.Jasmine.Diana = VVIP :D
i really hope my best friend can come. :'(
See? were like on the sand best friends forever. Bren+kim+tracy

(done by Brennies. HAH. i have TWO HEARTS. im special! jks :)
And you know whats worse? Tracy might not be able to come. I THINK I WILL CRY IF THEY BOTH DONT COME.and its bad luck to cry on your birthday. No?
And Mr JOSHUA SIM KA SENG is celebrating his 14th birthday with me! So we'll celebrate it together. Haha. he's my evil twin since were born on the same day :)

But i dont care. Tracy teo siang yee must come! And so must brenda ong Hui ting :) Infact. i have proof so if tracy doesnt come she can feel guilty for life.

Tracy says: *censored first part*hmm. i'll try my very best to be there kayss?my best friends bday.. wun wanna miss it..haha..


I told her she was vvip and she was honoured :)And guess what? I am Higa's Best lady friend! honoured :D

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