Saturday, September 13, 2008

OMG, went lantern shopping today. :) it was so fun. but i din buy a lantern. i bought a tiny little mill fan. ITS SO CUTE.

Its like big and poofy and flat and is so colorfula nd swirly! :))BTW. did i mention mine can be eaten? :DDD hehe. After that i went to my dad's friend's house whichis ppffffttt SO BIGGG it has liek such a super high celing and woden floors and i want to live there! i want i want!!

Anyways. Aside from that, someone got drunk today. xD

And i said

:" i need to hear one word. it starts with an S",

and if you cant guess it im gonna put down te phone"

and that person could not guess it. "Hmmm? S? erm.Erm. I really dont know. GARHS thought it was satay or sober, see?

THEIR ALL WRONG. ITS SORRY :DD haha. CORRECT! but he dint guess it ==

So ACTUALLY. it is not sober or satay ITS SORRY. and i made him repeat it 10 times which was so cuteee :DD hehe

Cutting hair next week :)

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