Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mufti+Diana's Birthday [this post will mostly be explained by pictures]
Hapy birthday Diana! my NanaNES
Happy birthday diana! (actually its on 1st Oct bt nvm)Happy Birthday NanA :) Lols. LOVE HER. (actually her birthday is one the 1st Oct but i wont be around so nvm) And today is mufti day, so yeah,we all wear clothes to show off. :) hehe. Some intro of pictures so you can imagine what its like :)

Ah Lien.Ah beng. Me and Gabriel. Our teeth even glitter :)
Another one of us. xDwe dint study. no mood. gathered in a circle for story time. awww...

eddy Trying to scare mdm amy xD
Aww. cute bunnies. xDIloveeee eddies shoe. dickies. :DDDNatalia and Me. :) emo sesions.BlehssThree of us! Lols.*lovess*

Hmmpfthh. Angelo show off xDSerra And Mica. Their soadorable. :) and cute. korean and Phillipine

Another perfect shot =]Natalia.Me.Dont go to Denmark :(Micaa and Me. :) aww. she has such a pretty smile. wish i had one too :(

The wormy worm (paper) jeong Kwang gave to me. SO CUTE!Ah Bengness. :) Angelo . Donovan. GabrielAnegelo. My retard. =]See? my name was in the paper. im famous. jks. xD

Lols! amanda and her lollies. =)See? my art project. its so pretty. Nyahahha.Gabriel and christie. somade for each other. same clothing (and miss sharon to)

Mangoo cake. christie bought it. all chiped in Rm5First cut cake then throw it around. :)Diana's birthday cake. :) we all chiped in. LOL. we had a cake fight and got into trouble :(Natalia running around with cake in her hand. EVIL!

The cake after that.All squechy and mixed up. ew.

Alot of screaming was done
Omg. i was drenched in sticky sticky cake :( but SO YUMMY. Credits to christie who bought itwe were rubbing it on to everyone. xD got into sooo much trouble after that.Guess what? I found a hershey in my bag. Muahhahhaa. :)

The end. :) P/s Happy sweet sixteen Diana. Taking of to Kl tomorrow.

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