Friday, September 26, 2008


I have this friend. And yeah. From my point of view, she doesnt deserve friends that are "crappish" .And i have to let her go. Maybe not everything is my fault. And i think im bad for her. Maybe the fault parts of it are divided. She's always been quite an okay friend. Actually a good friend. Maybe not best friend but i can say really good friend. we werent friends long enough to be labled as best friends i suppose but there definetly was potential. but close to that. i guess the closest person to me in internatioal.or bestie. i think thats different from a best friend. I dont know. But i'm sure she'll be much happier with what she already has.Her friends now. =) We're still friends, we always have been. I dont care about myself, but what i cant stop feeling bad is that i let her lose her trust for me. Maybe to her, Amy, this is not a big deal, or maybe i dont really mean alot or whatever, that doesnt matter. But what i really feel terrible about is, she never deserved it and think she trusted me. But i kind of betrayed her a long time ago.The thing is i betrayed her when i shouldnt have. Even though it was some time ago that the secrets that i have hidden from her was a mistake and i wanted to bury it because i wish i had never said or done it. Unfortunately they were digged and cracked from the grave which they lie. So, from here we move to the future and dont look back at the past. My cliches have totally changed, maybe i could say the people i used to think, would always be there for me when the whole world walked out on me would be there for me. unfortunately, they weren't, they left me once i had no one. But, thats okay now. I didnt think the people who i have been so tight with would wipe me out of their history after just a matter of days. And i'm refering to amy. Just some one else. But its fine now. Cause i've managed to move along the path. Thanks Jasmine. =) you really are awesome. Basically, this post is saying, Amy, i'm sorry, i was wrong for what i did.after today, i looked back and thought, i havent been the friend i was supposed to be.More like an apology post? yes. Because we cant just forget about it without me apologizing first since im wrong. so yes, im sorry for what i said before, months ago. but just so you know, how i felt about you"months ago" and "now" (before this conflict) a world of difference. but that isnt really a good excuse so yeah.*i bet now she's thinking, wth is wrong with her ==SWTTT*
I'm sorry.
Btw, your very cute. :)

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