Sunday, September 14, 2008


LOLS. i cut my hair. and i feel retarded. XD haha.

Happy moon cake fest? :DDDGarhs. White flash :( my eyes xD im blind

Yays. Happy mooncake fest :) Lolx. There were so many projects too do. :(
It looks yummy but i didnt like it. tasted like hard egg :(Bwahahhahaa. I HAVE THE CUTEST LANTERN OF THEM ALL!!

infact it looks just lke me. big.fat.and.poofy xD

So pathetic. Oe small little lantern there hanging ona twig like tree =X

Blarhs. I look cuter ;)

First of all. My tye dye project which was so gross caus it got onto my clothes =(

but seeee? isnt it pretty? I had to do it3 times over and over agai though :(
haha. My science homework? im soi smart
nahh. actualy i juts copied it xD

I love you leomoonie XDDD

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