Monday, September 29, 2008

KL =) hols

Happy 10 months. (: [updates after hols cause on inernet is slow and cannot uplaod pics]
-The feeling of betrayal.Now i know not to trust people, even though when i thought they could be trusted, and i'm not referring to anyone in contact. Its just unfair on how much i have done for thoes people. totally unappreciated.whatever liaw larhh.
Btw, Tracy i misss you toooo!! she's so sweet, she misses me on her blog. Click here to view her blog. I miss my best friend.:(

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Happy Hari raya peoples. Unfortunately i cant go visiting. Grr. yummy cake :DD

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mufti+Diana's Birthday [this post will mostly be explained by pictures]
Hapy birthday Diana! my NanaNES
Happy birthday diana! (actually its on 1st Oct bt nvm)Happy Birthday NanA :) Lols. LOVE HER. (actually her birthday is one the 1st Oct but i wont be around so nvm) And today is mufti day, so yeah,we all wear clothes to show off. :) hehe. Some intro of pictures so you can imagine what its like :)

Ah Lien.Ah beng. Me and Gabriel. Our teeth even glitter :)
Another one of us. xDwe dint study. no mood. gathered in a circle for story time. awww...

eddy Trying to scare mdm amy xD
Aww. cute bunnies. xDIloveeee eddies shoe. dickies. :DDDNatalia and Me. :) emo sesions.BlehssThree of us! Lols.*lovess*

Hmmpfthh. Angelo show off xDSerra And Mica. Their soadorable. :) and cute. korean and Phillipine

Another perfect shot =]Natalia.Me.Dont go to Denmark :(Micaa and Me. :) aww. she has such a pretty smile. wish i had one too :(

The wormy worm (paper) jeong Kwang gave to me. SO CUTE!Ah Bengness. :) Angelo . Donovan. GabrielAnegelo. My retard. =]See? my name was in the paper. im famous. jks. xD

Lols! amanda and her lollies. =)See? my art project. its so pretty. Nyahahha.Gabriel and christie. somade for each other. same clothing (and miss sharon to)

Mangoo cake. christie bought it. all chiped in Rm5First cut cake then throw it around. :)Diana's birthday cake. :) we all chiped in. LOL. we had a cake fight and got into trouble :(Natalia running around with cake in her hand. EVIL!

The cake after that.All squechy and mixed up. ew.

Alot of screaming was done
Omg. i was drenched in sticky sticky cake :( but SO YUMMY. Credits to christie who bought itwe were rubbing it on to everyone. xD got into sooo much trouble after that.Guess what? I found a hershey in my bag. Muahhahhaa. :)

The end. :) P/s Happy sweet sixteen Diana. Taking of to Kl tomorrow.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tagged by brenn

Tagged by bren :)
A N S W E R - T R U T H F U L L Y
1. Do you like anyone?:
` yeah. i like everyone.i'm not that mean =.="

2. Do they know it?:
` my friendss.duh .__.

3. Simple or complicated?:
` simple&complicated+sophisticated.or jus plain white simple :)

IN - T H E - L A S T - M O N T H - H A V E - Y O U
4. Bought something:
` uhh.yeah.

5. Gotten sick?:
` NO

6. Been hugged?:
` Yeahh..

7. Felt stupid?:
` Always xD

8. Talked to an ex:
` This month :)

9. Missed someone:
` YES!everyday.

10. Failed a test:
` No.NEVER.GARHH.thankgoodness.

11. Danced:
` Love dancing ;)

12. Gotten your hair cut?:
` uhh.YEAH.

13. Lied:
` All over the place

14. Nervous habits?:
` Tend to say " Umm. and pretend i did not hear you"

15. Are you double jointed?:
` WHAT?!no.

16. Can you roll your tongue?:
` don't know.not sure xD

17. Can you raise one eyebrow?:
` oh yes.*the rock*awh damn lame =.="

18. Can you cross your eyes?:
` Yeah o________O :D

19. Do you make your bed daily?:
` no.hahah.OOPS :X*
20. Do you think you are unique?:
` YES!you'll never find another quite like me :)

H A V E - Y O U - E V E R'S
21. Said "I Love you":
` yeah.hahahahahahhahahaha2.for fun and when i do mean it lalala~

22. Given money to a homeless person:
` umm.guess so?!

23. Smoked?:

24. Waited all night for a phone call?:
` Yeah. And it came :)

25. Snuck out?:
` from?no.never.

26. Sat and looked at the stars?:
` yes.i love love love it.


27. Do you swear/curse?:
` honestly,NO. A bit. only when talking but when im talking abot 91% i dont

28. Do you ever spit?:
` if i like.ate something yucky, i'd definitly spit it out!gross.

29. You cook your own food?
` NO.i'd end up burning it.

30. You do your own chores?:
` Yes. To not be chaotic :)

31. You like beef jerky?:
` never eaten beef jerky before.

32. You're happy with your life?:
` No.

33. You own a dog?:
` nope.

34. You spend your money wisely?:
` Yeah.of course.

35. Do you like to swim?:
` i used it just gives me like..migranes.

36. When you get bored do you call a friend:
`PINAPPIE STRAWIE TWISTIE~!!! [aka JASMINE YEO] Brenda blubber baby [Brenda Ong!] Bubbly [TRACY] LemOonie [JOSH] KoRHS [AELRED]


D O - Y O U - P R E F E R'S
37. Flowers or angels?:
`Flowers from my baby cause he's my angel..

38. Gray or black?:
` depends.grey is gloomy.i'd go with black.

39. Color or black and white photos?:
` it definitely depends!

40. Lust or love?:

41. Sunrise or sunset?:
`'s romantic+sweet xD

42. M&Ms or Skittles?:
` M&mSSs

43. Staying up late or waking up early?:
` Sleep and be dead-to-the-world ;D

44. Being hot or cold?:
` s0 far, i'm BOTH. ;)

45. Winter or Fall?:
` fall.winter might just like.make me sick. Stuff nose =(

46. Left or right?:
` left and right. to the left but do it right :)

47. Having 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends?:
'2 best friends. pineappie straiwe twist or bubbly or brendablubberbaby? i dont know..

48. Sunshine or rain?:
` rain.

49. Been Dumped?:
` uhhh?yes.

50. Stolen money from a friend?:
` NO!!!!!! never will.

51. Been in a fist fight?:
` imma girl okay.

52. Snuck out of your house?:
` yeah?

53. Had a crush on a teacher?:
` EWW NO.i think all teachers are equally.gross.

54. Seen someone die?:
` in movies.yes lah.

55. Been on an airplane?
` yeah.i not sakai till like tht.

56. Slept all day?:
` uncountable.

57. Missed someone so much it hurt?:
` yeah.alotta times :'(

58. Fallen asleep during school?:
` easily YES. teacher come to my table *BAVZMMM* slamook on my table.

59. Been lonely?
` yes :( always. forever.omg. im a loner..

60. Cheated in a game?:
` what game? depends.

61. Been to the ER?:
` SO ASSIN FUN. i nearly burned myself with the candle wax +____+

62. Been in a car accident?:
` choi!NO.

63. Had detention?:
` my whole class did.sheesh.

64. Missed your first love?:
` haha.yes.i'm talking to him now.oh how i miss him.
65. Cried yourself to sleep?:
` yeah =/. Next morning wake up eye Bengkak.O_________o

66. Sung in the shower?:
` oh-yeeeeee-ah.

67. Kissed a complete stranger?:
` No.i'm not so ______ you ass.

68. Laughed so hard you cried?:
` yeah.those who has never laugh till they've cried.
i pity you,weirdo.

69. Cheated on a bf/gf?:
` Maybe.

70. Regretted hurting someone?:
` Yes.Sowies.

71. Regretted loving someone?:
` Yes.


Friday, September 26, 2008


I have this friend. And yeah. From my point of view, she doesnt deserve friends that are "crappish" .And i have to let her go. Maybe not everything is my fault. And i think im bad for her. Maybe the fault parts of it are divided. She's always been quite an okay friend. Actually a good friend. Maybe not best friend but i can say really good friend. we werent friends long enough to be labled as best friends i suppose but there definetly was potential. but close to that. i guess the closest person to me in internatioal.or bestie. i think thats different from a best friend. I dont know. But i'm sure she'll be much happier with what she already has.Her friends now. =) We're still friends, we always have been. I dont care about myself, but what i cant stop feeling bad is that i let her lose her trust for me. Maybe to her, Amy, this is not a big deal, or maybe i dont really mean alot or whatever, that doesnt matter. But what i really feel terrible about is, she never deserved it and think she trusted me. But i kind of betrayed her a long time ago.The thing is i betrayed her when i shouldnt have. Even though it was some time ago that the secrets that i have hidden from her was a mistake and i wanted to bury it because i wish i had never said or done it. Unfortunately they were digged and cracked from the grave which they lie. So, from here we move to the future and dont look back at the past. My cliches have totally changed, maybe i could say the people i used to think, would always be there for me when the whole world walked out on me would be there for me. unfortunately, they weren't, they left me once i had no one. But, thats okay now. I didnt think the people who i have been so tight with would wipe me out of their history after just a matter of days. And i'm refering to amy. Just some one else. But its fine now. Cause i've managed to move along the path. Thanks Jasmine. =) you really are awesome. Basically, this post is saying, Amy, i'm sorry, i was wrong for what i did.after today, i looked back and thought, i havent been the friend i was supposed to be.More like an apology post? yes. Because we cant just forget about it without me apologizing first since im wrong. so yes, im sorry for what i said before, months ago. but just so you know, how i felt about you"months ago" and "now" (before this conflict) a world of difference. but that isnt really a good excuse so yeah.*i bet now she's thinking, wth is wrong with her ==SWTTT*
I'm sorry.
Btw, your very cute. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Saturday, September 20, 2008

dear readers. my profile has haywired and i am trying to fix and is on the verge on deleting this blog. Please be patient cause i ave spent numerous of swearing hours trying to fix it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Profile under construction.

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Rule:The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his / her perfect lover. Have to mention the gender of his / her perfect lover. Tag 8 other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

Gender of Perfect Lover: duh guy/man/boy. as long as its a male. im not lesbian. heh. :D

8 Different Points About Perfect ♥Lover:





♥Puts up with me

♥Names that starts with "J's" and ends with "A's" :))

♥Fun to bw with

♥Does not pressure me

♥Lovable. lols.

okay, Thas mainly it. but still got alot more :)

I tag

♥Diana Banana



♥Carmen Chen

School trip


On Wednesday our entire class (actually half because some did not want to miss PE and pay RM10) went to this place where we learned how to pronounce English. Seriously. we did! and ACTUALLYY. its not PRONOUNCE. ITS PRO-NUNCE. i also dont know why. The bus was so bumpy dumpty

Haha. Our schools logo wason the board:) My computer screen. The computers ther were so nice. and big and FLAT. :)Ta-DAHHH LOLsHaha. we were being retarded and learning how to say pronounce "bitch"

Blarhs. we had to read this. i bit my tounge =(
Mdm. Margaret. So skinnnyyyy. xDHappy birthday Jeong Kwang. Awwww. SO cute. My chubby round little korean friend (the one with the eyes close) is FINALLY 13!ah-hah. Finally. :) haha. so cute. No? :DDThe people who did not go. And missed out everything xD

There was an electronic-touch-projector thingamajiggy. IT WAS SO COOL. it went *beeeep boiinky* everytime i tried it xDSakai :)On the way back. Lolx. Jasn trying to ignore me.

finally he decided he was too camera worthy so he struk a pose xD

camera-shy. awwh.When i came back from school DIANABANNA popped out :))blarhahahaha, i love love herr!! :))Posers. :) Gabriel.Nick.Me

Hahah. The cutest people in the world and my most favourited. :)

ah beng


Bewarned. This picture will give night mares

Tadah. Don and his murderous face =( which can be turned from nice too *screams*