Monday, August 11, 2008


TodayIsABadDay =(

1) Teacher kept complaining about my hair today =.=
I just had it cut last week. =(
Candid Shots From Last Week At School

Hmm. Okayss. I'll have it cut this week

Oooh! Random. I love Ashley Tisdale And Paris Hilton's Hair :D
But i dont like Paris herself though cause she's gross *randomness*

Cause she does this alot on the internet (found it inside my com. Hmm) And NO this is NOT PORN. =)
Oh.But i dont think of me as an obsessed person just that love's celeb's hair. I love my best friends hair.
Tracy Teo

LOL. *applause* :)
Btw. I'm Not Obsessed over HAIR.. i think. (and i also like the year7 girl Meher's cute wavey hair xD )

But that doesnt really matter. Haha.

Anyway. Number 2.

Remeber I had to do this Music Project? We decided on a thousand miles by Vanessa Carlton. And we presented it today. It wasnt that good cause it was really rushed. My piano was okay except for some mistakes =( We got 24/30 .LOL. Thats Actually quite good. Then Teacher lets everyone have a second chance.. So now they want to change to piece. BUT I WORKED SO HARD ON A THOUSAND MILES!!

I feel like i wanna burn the piano. Oh well But i STILL love it. =)

And Number 3. leg cramped. =( too much basketball. I love♥basketball like crappy crap But i hate injuries T.T

And.One more thing that I'm kinda disappointed about.

Why is it. That. Sometimes. When your friends with someone. Then suddenly they decided they dont want to be close to you anymore. Even if you guys are the opposite sex.
LOL. im so messed up now :)
I mean, you dont have to be like mickey and minnie for a boy and a girl to be close friends right? I'm Blur

可能我是嫉妒的您下落了出于爱以我,即使我只想要您作为朋友。 但,当您恋爱了以我您对待了我,好象我您的最好的朋友

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