Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today was the day. The most Beautiful sunset had set
Today was the day. The angels from heavan had come to visit earth.
Today was the day. My best friend WAS BORN
Corny? haha. Actually. Yes. Kind of.

Okay. Maybe i sound slightly I DO NOT SOUND LES.
Tracy is cute SO CUTE
She IS isn't she? And she's damn talented in singing and swimming and badminton and TONS MORE. unfortunately for the guys she's already taken. Nyah nyah. xD
okay. This is how i met tracy. =)

My Story

When i first went to lodge she hated me.(yes believe it) she said i was a bitch yes yes. i am. Sorta. I guess. and i dint like her too cause i thought she was scary the was she stared at me with her eyes of *gasps* hate. The first theing tracy ever asked me was after pe when were in class. She said. "Erm. Hi. What did you get for UPSR"? and i said "really bad" and that was the last time we ever talked. And she reall disliked me == But then. with the help of Brenda. My other very cute Bestie. Lala. So yeah.. Blah blah. We began to know each other better and in no time. I tell her everything. Blah. She does too. She's always there for me.. You get the picta =) we became best friends. and i loveee her so much. =) hehe

AND PPFT. she thought i actually FORGOT her birthday. Pfftt.

Besties for life. =)
We've been through a lot together. last eyar for her birthday i gave her a really skinny pig. this year i havent passed her , her birthday present yet XD
Dear Tracy.

Thank you for being the most aw
esome best friend for me (including you bren =] )
YOU mean SO MUCH TO ME!! Thanks for being such an awesome bestie.
Sorry that i couldnt celebrate with you this year. But we will next! =)
Happy 14th Birthday
30.8.08As a friend. Later her bf get mad =P

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