Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I believe. I believe.
.Haha. My hapiness. =) i BELIEVE.
That There IS some people in this cruel cruel dark phone picking world that there ARE nice people who will find phones and RETURN them and not put them inside their pockets. =) Even though there was once some asshole stold my 2 day old new camera from my bag during a cruise but never mind! I believe .. i believe yayyyyyy! =D
My mother called me half an hour ago to tell me someone called her back. So actually i didn't find it but some very nice random person found it for me. Actually it was dropped at the market food stalls. O.o
Thank you Thank YOU! That there ARE nice people who are RANDOM and who i dont KNOW. :)
ah. Phoney Phone Phone :DD Safely with me once again. x)
Okay. Now i wanna go shop :)) Haha. Yay. I cant believe it. I thought i really lost it. Shiat larhh. =(

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