Saturday, August 9, 2008


There were SO SO SO many projects that day.
So Me.Sam.Amy.Christie.Diana Went home t my house during Solat to play =)
Diana went hyper.
Diana Hotness :)

Diana Calmed down an hour later =)

Diana's bf's watch (awwwwww)

Christie went tootie. =D

This was christie before and after she came to my house =3

Me.Sammie.Loves :D
We all humped on each other :D
All of them began tearing my room intopieces but all iw anted was too sleep
We got mad all of a sudden. smsbtch. xD

I was like so freaking hungry x( Then we ran down for lunchI was like SUPERFREAKINGHAPPY when there was foooodd. :DD

Amy.Diana.Playing xD
Okay. The later at night amy couldnt come so it was just Me.Amanda.Natalia.
WE WERE SO RUSHEDD! xDDBut lol. we still finished it and our project looked so cute :DD

Awww. haha.

Natalia got over stressed. Tsk. xD

Natalia.Me.Bored =( haha.

Amanda is such a cutiee when she plays with bubbles =3

Amanda and i got bored. Bubbly bubbles :DD

So many candid shots after that xD


Me.Amanda.she's so cute :D
And now there are like NO MORE PROJECTSS!! except for one more for music =.= which is like super long and dues on monday. we choose vanessa carlton but the piece is like 7 PAGES T.T

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