Friday, August 15, 2008


Holidayss.Holidays. =D i kninda hate holidays because i always have nothing to do =(. so my mom decided all of us. to go to kl. FOR ONE WHOLE WEEK. =( i hate going away from my room even more than holidays with my fam. Even though int's Kl and i was brought up here. BUT STILL. GARH. T.T Okay.So i wont be updating. Until the end of hols cause my internet is SOOO laggy. =(
Ps. Congratulations to year 8 basket ballers who won 18-15 againts year 11. (im so jealous that i wasn't there to play =( )
And Casket's went to spring and i was left out cause im stuck here. =(

-plus Kl does jot look this pretty infact it si SO HAZY NOW I CANT SEE THE SKY. want to go home =(

And right now,I'm so so so pissed. not cause i have to spend my entire week of holidays at some place but because of something else. sigh. Since there are so many tall buildings here why not jump down from one of them? =] LOL.

Okay. Was playing with photoshop and backgrounds. So i made 3 Bcakgrounds with the help of photoshop. Sorry the Fonts are SO ugly, Didnt have the other program =(
This is SPECIALLY for my cute cute besties.=] Moomahs. =D
Okay. I love you TRACY. And if it's quite alright i need you Caskets ( for all my lonely nights. Oh pretty Brennie's why havent you called me yet? Oh sweetie Jassie My damn phone bill has rised but i dont care cause i love talking to you.Diana. Actually. This is a song but i changed the words. Put in my bestest Friends =)
Cuutie.HeyheypiGgies :DD.lols.

I lovee them all. They're the MOST important people in my lifee! =) only them. (excluding my baby which tops up everything. Including Tracy.Already written.needless to say )

Oh. btw. Sorry The Picta has no fancy words. I could only do the colorful background cause i only had that program =(

Okay. For Manda Who Helped us score a 26/30 for our 2nd music project :DD yays!

Btw. Thankiees Manda. =) Hope your okay liaw liaw :DD
Sorrie its not green. =)

And For YOU.=D my l e m o n p o o k i eee.

Sweetie just told me 2 minutes ago.

What does K.i.m.y. stand for?

Kim.I.Miss.You =D

*awwwww* haha. By jonah. Erm. I think i spelt her name correctly. =3

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