Saturday, August 9, 2008

Interact Installation Night 2008

It was so fun =D but unfortunately i couldnt eat most of the food cause of allergies. GARH. =.= So sad.
Amy.Sam.Christiee. Came and played with me before i went :)

Lovable people are just so cute :D

See the cute U shape her mouth makes :)

Casket. Christie.Sam.Amy.Kimm. :) hehe.

We were just playing.. i think :) haha

My lemon pookie family :))

Casket Family. :D
Christie took the shot =)
After that i got ready. Kinda rushed though. we arrived an hour late, but, yeah, oh wells. i went with Jas :D

But i still LOVED it =]

Thick Makeup :))

SweEtSs aNd LoLipOpsS :DDD
The chop thingamajiggy. x)

Zacq and me

Zacq and fadrie

Zacq's Lolipop

Pretty People =)

The sweetest couple :)

I played this game. it was supposed to be something like you find mentos in the box and call it, and then you call the nuber. the third caler gets it but i kept on getting wrong number =(

Candy candy candy. :DD

Emo Band :D Lols.

The prom queen. And queen. No king. hmm.

The prom queen was actually a boy!

I was like. SO ALONE when people started dancing cause i was abandoned. coughs. =.= Luckily Sweets was there. awww. awkward no more. :) Then i decided to go home cause i was so hungryy!!

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