Friday, August 22, 2008

Holidays.Are.Almost.Over :D

Holidays are almost over.
Haha. YES. lalala. love love love. I AM HAPPY. no more sitting at home super boreddd. Wheeeeeee. =D but i dont really like it either. a lot Too much homework. =[
Super bored now. Waitng to go home. Waiting to
go shopping :) haha. Omg. That day i went to Juicy Couture It was so expensive. i mean..i knew that, that shop was expensive damn expensive but i didnt know it was expensive until like one shirt is like 1000 plus. And the shirt so simple somemore ==.

I read Brenda's Blog last night. And yeah. I agree totally agree with her. If you dont like people's Blog then dont view it larh.So PBK one. ==. Just Cause Bren is Cute and Bouncy and your really old and boring and
mature and wrinkly like garlic doesnt mean you have to be so asshole-ish and say that her blog is weird. == Her blog is CUTE SO CUTE OKAY. Bren is cute like Mickey Mouse k.. (*squeals* i like loveeee
mickey mouse :D ) == I bet if you had a blog it'd be really bor
ing. == And yes i know i'm acting immature very immature. But i AM only 14.Blahblah == just cause you act really old and icky.
She doesnt really care She doesnt care what you think ok
This is what happens when im bored xD out her blog because there are tons and TONS of prople who think her blog is damn assin entertaining
. ==

And if you dont agree i think your gay

Blahh. This is what happens when i'm bored
Okay. first thing I do when i get back too school.
Not Blog so much um. blog less ..oh leave that one out ==
I bought a few quote a lot things for people.== inluding Jason who Loves Mark & Spencer's Cookies!

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