Sunday, August 31, 2008



Yesterday was our our 51th Anniversary :DDD haha. For malaysia. So. This was how Sam and I spent our Nationl's Idependence day. =) Beach! Retards. :D Sam and her boobs Grapes. Starburst. :DD
Then we went tp the Beach
The Checking In took so Long and The room was -SMALL-

I Like this picture " Kiss my Hoe " =]See? See? Retarded. =DD

I was like, clinging on to sam's bikini. =]
Sam is Fking CUTE :) PANDA SAMA.See ? See? So Cute in her Bikini
Blue Polka dotted Bikini. She wore and itsy-bitsy super skimpy bikini. so cuteee
Loves Sand. =] Me's.
SammyT. She's like reaching for the bikini :) -sam- NO IM NOTTTT XD -kim- YES YOU ARE.There was likea retarded Jelly Fish. Could have stung me and i could be dead now. But my sisters burried it and me and sam used sticks and proded its gooey body. Poor jellyfish We disturbed it in ts death. Thats probably why we couldn't fall asleep that night =(Mermaid and Land creature Thing
I felt random


Sam and Kim.Being washed by the ocean

Then we went back to the room so sam could hug play with her bun bun

And then we had potatoes while waiting for room service and got attacked by a criket and we all went retarded. Sam tried of kill it but instead she ripped of its wings

Retarded Saga Of killing Grasshopper who invaded our dinner

Part1: Retarded

Part2: Retardation

Part 3: Retardy

And then at night we couldnt't sleep because it was so cold and we had to sleep on the hard bed. =( so at 3am i woke up and adjusted the temperature. And the Sammie bruised her butt cause i was dark. So i sked her.

Kim"Wanna go eating

Sam" Who eats at 3am?"

Kim" we DO!"

Sam" well. Fine. OKAY"

And it was so fun. Sammieee!! thanks for going to damai with me and amy your a baboon cause you din go == Love you guyss!! your like, my best friends :DD The peanut to my jelly :)

BTW. today is also our 9 month anniversay. =) haha. ily

Happy ending.


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