Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sammie Happy Birthday :D

Happieeee Birthday To SAM =] Yes. I love her so muchhhh!! She's one of my BEST friends. Sammie Dear. Let me tell everyone about you =]

Yeahh. Anyway. you can see from this picture.
Super Funieeee.
Pretty (with really cute eye lashes and big eyes)An awesome Bestiee =]
Anyways. I gave her a CUP. Yeah. I know Stingie. But it was a really CUTE cup. And it was PINK =] hehe. Anyways. We celebrated sammie's birthday twice on the same day of the week (sundayyy) at spring =] but today is her actually birthday xD yays! =)

Christiee.Me.Samm.Angelo. =] Speing. The first thing we did was buy whip cream =D and loads of sweets =)t it just came to us like we just HAD to buy it or we'd dieeee xD

Then. for some reason. We all had the urge to just spray all out drinks/foodie/whatever with chocolate whip cream =)

Taa-Dahh =)

Happy Birthday Sammie x)

We played with contacts XD
[[Me]] one blue one green =DD

Angelo and i [[RETARDSSSS]]

Retardation again =)


Christiee Cried cause we ran out of whip cream :) LOL

Dearr Sammie
Happy Birthday
All The best wishes. we're always onna be here for youuu sweetie =)
Best friends are forever
Especially us
Awwww. Yeahhh. =) by me =DD

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