Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rainfest. Rainfest

FUN!! Funfunfunfunfunn!!

It was so so so so FUNNNN! I tumpanged Amy Ong's Car on Friday at 3 straight after exams (pfft) Once we got there we went to the beach. (havent been there for so long :)
I finally got to see brenda!! I missed her like SO MUCH =(
Unfortunately tracy was not there or i would have gone estatic =]

Me and bren =] Best friends. =)

Best Friends =X Imagine tracy is there =D

We look so Happy [Awwww] :) On the beach XD

Poserismness on rocks :)

[[ily brenda =) ]]
and for some reason we all started jumping.
nyahahah XD

Then we went to rainfest
The first thing we did was

and we got them :)) Unfortunately they didnt have red so i got green and bren got lue. And the next day she got Green.LOL

We went to the beach. in the morning at 12am.
Felt like sleeping there


Zacq.Hotness.Kim.Awesomeness.Lameness. =))
Slept a 2 and woke up a 9 to brenda's ForeverSong T_T Sleepy =(

We slept like pigs =D

I slept with bren =) I kicked her in my sleep XD
Bren:Kim move to the side

Kim: K, sowie

*5 minutes later*

Bren: KIMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! move to the side

Kim: K, Sowie

we all wanted to go swimmm =DDD

Just.Me.Brenda.Beach XD =)

One word
This was the stairs leading to our room. LIKE HUNDREDS OF STEPS. but..yeahhh..we climed it! =] abt 10 times ..sour legs =(
Taken By bren's very intresting underwater camera :)

Kim was like laughing [Me] and bren was like drowning

Water Train :)
Then we went rainfoest again. [[saturday]]

the same thing. yes i know. but so fun
bren and i loved the corn XD

We played with angelo and sprayed him with mushie STRING =D
Unfortunately he had pimples the next day
Sowieee Angelo =] Hehe XD

Angelo and I . LOL haha. Horns :)

Then we had to go home on sunday.
Exam results are coming on monday.
Replay!! :(

I loved it so much.
Missed it to the max

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