Monday, June 16, 2008

Math =( School =( Garh Homeworks.

After School. Randomnes. :]
Ooh. Green Heights mall has finally opened. Yays! =) a 2 minute walk away from my house but my mommie wont let me go cause she thiinks that someone will kidnap me. awwwh. =(
Today i'm super pissed. Mbb it wasn't enough sleep? Haha. I dunno. But i kept falling asleep in class. Doing sej project the whole few days till morning. ARGH, And i nearly exploded today during english. OMG. i got a 12 out of 20. WHAT THE HELL? out of topic. arrrgh!! Thats the first time i got a 60 for english Omgwd i was sooo upset. =( what more.. Suprisee Math test! yays! *ironicness* Noooowhh =(( Maths is my worst subject~! -___- it was so freaking hardd. And I didnt Bring my instrumental set which was worse. Had to borrow from my teacher which apparently got me,Angelo, Jun kwang and a bunch more other people marks cut off for
not bringing. Arrgh. Like my marks wouldnt be low enough O.o
And i missed out 3 questions. I hate maths. T.T
My pinkyish instrumental kit [[Minus the glitter and hearts =) ]]
Today was also the presentation of our disasterous yet cute science presentation.
While we were struggleing on thelling them about rocks the rest of my SO CALLED CLASSMATES were falling asleep. -_- Amanda, Amy, Jane, Eun Ju, Natalia, worked our ass of this!! =3 ish. [[Actually they did most of the work cause i was holidaying in Bali XD]]

This was actually cut out from our science project.
It was actually supposed to be
rocks and weathering3 If rocks were this pweety =D
Rock. Its so pweety. =)
Whee. But we Cut out bits of it. I got the nicest =DD Oh yeah. You know what that means? we're incredibly talented and we ROCK! =D random -_-
It was did with Eun Ju's Popcorn Pen =D From Korea. I want want! =(
After that when i came home the first thing i did was eat icecream to cheer me up a little. Yummy. Strawberrryness! =)

Icecream!Icecream! =DD [[edited]] its abstract XD
But then after that i was like "zzz"
Cant wait till 2nd term is over.
Okay. Have to do my 15 paged history project now or i'll fail it.

I want house season 4! =(

[[If you all realised i actually enlarged the text so it would be easier for you all to read =X]] haha

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