Saturday, May 31, 2008

Holiday Garhs

That day when i went to the cinema with my sungai maong friends a friend of mine ever since pri 6 kinda disappointed me. Yeah.. i knew he was a little bad, but i never knew he would.. gasp! smoke. Ew. smoking is smelly. Haha. Holidays have been really boring. but i've had fun with my friends :]]
we watched Indiana Jones. LOL

We wanted to watch Narnia but i already did :] but the movie was pretty cute lahh x]] haha!

[[Price Caspian]] lolness -_-
The next few days were so boring x] But i still had some fun xD

Yeah, were crazy know. [[It was so much Fun]]

Brenda && Tracy met Angelo. Angelo Met brenda and tracy. :D
azy, i

Dinner was delicious. we ate out :]
[[SeAfood RockRoad Baybehh]]

Camwhore :]]

Leaving for bali soon but i dunwanna go

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